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a cosy night in

A Cosy Night In

A cosy night in doesn’t have to be as a couple.

A lot of people like their own company and prefer alone time.

However there’s always an element of guilt when it comes to relaxing.

We always seem to seek approval from others.

This post came about because of someone I know who was quite judgemental when I suggested relaxing.

Their initial response was “must be nice, I wish I could just relax when I want”.

In reality they could relax anytime they want but they choose not to, they choose to look busy.

They also love the fact that it looks good to other people if they keep busy. However that’s their choice.

This is mainly because our mind is telling us we should be keeping busy.

This is  only because we worry what people think of us, we worry that people will think we’re lazy.

It’s a ridiculous notion that we feel we need to get approval to do things for ourselves.

I know it’s not paranoia as I personally know people who never stop, they feel they have to keep busy.

That doesn’t mean we have to live the same way. Why should we live by other peoples ideology?

Relax And Unwind With A Cosy night in


Which ever way you choose, make the most of it by spoiling yourself or each other.

Life is fast paced so a cosy night in can really make all the difference to your physical and mental health.

Recharge your batteries, do absolutely nothing, there is an article by M&S suggesting cosy night in ideas.

That article seems to assume your relaxing alone but it does have ideas.

It doesn’t have to cost anything, the main point is to make the most of the time to yourself doing nothing.

Especially at this time of year with the cold rainy days and nights.

This was more of a rant than anything else as I felt that I wasn’t allowed to have any alone time.

I’m certainly not going to live my life how other people think I should live,

I shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about living my life my way. We don’t need to justify ourselves to anyone.

Rant over! If you’re having a cosy night in enjoy it guilt free, who cares what people think. DON’T BE BULLIED.

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