a womans world

A Woman’s World

A woman’s world is fraught with so many obstacles in the mind and in reality.

It’s hard to be a woman keeping ourselves in shape! However that could be said about anyone really.

It just feels like as a woman you feel like you have to keep in shape as not to be judged.

Looking good wether it’s make up to clothes and shoes is all pressure.

Yes we might like those things but do we really need them to stop being judged?

Everyone perceives a woman to be a model type with hair styles that are perfect in place at all times.

Make up that looks outstanding and up to date fashion is a factor in judging what we look like.

Personality doesn’t seem to matter and it’s quite disheartening.

This doesn’t define every woman, we are all different shapes sizes, Do we really want to be the model type?

Me personally i’m a plain kind of woman, I dress in clothes that make me feel comfortable.

Do you really need to put heels on? Put loads of make up on to fit in? If that’s you thing then great

Is this the image people perceive a woman to be like? Is that how a woman should look?

You don’t need to as they say dress to impress, dress how you want and feel comfortable.

Do make up to what suits you and makes you feel good about yourself.

Not what other people think you should have on or look like.

Reality – A Woman’s World 

So all you women out there of all shapes and sizes you don’t need all those things to look good!

Do things your way, it’s time we took charge and switched off to how other people see us.

We’re all individuals with different personalities and different shapes and sizes.

It’s got nothing to do with anyone else how we dress or do our make up, that’s our individual stamp.

Wear little to no make up, tie your hair up and be comfortable in yourself.

I like to browse in charity shops for certain types of clothes that I like, vintage casual stuff.

There is a good article in the Huffington post about the best charity shop fashion buys, it’s worth a read.

However there is an element of disgust amongst some people and a mindset that women spend big on clothes.

NOT THIS WOMAN!  I Love a bargain, charity shops, vintage clothes fairs, any sales, yep that’s me.

There are plenty of beautiful clothing items out there to look and feel good about yourself.

There is makeup that is reasonably priced, so come on girls we’ve got this, be yourself!!

Most beauty products or clothing advertising tells us to buy this and buy that.

Just make us look the model type! Really!? does this define us girls?

My answer is no it doesn’t! I’m sick of the media feeding the image of beauty as they see it, it’s not real!

We are all unique and different in our own special way, so let’s be ourselves.


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