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About Us

About us. Welcome to Savings Radar, we set this up as we have struggled for a lot of years with finances.

Not only have we struggled with finances but with mental health issues too but this isn’t really about us.

Mental health and money really feed each other to make things unbearable at times creating more issues.

This makes it feel ten times worse. Every bill and every shopping trip was made worse by depression and anxiety.

This only made our daily lives more difficult.

We wanted to share any money saving tips or offers that we find as they might just help someone else. Occasionally we might speak about mental health issues but that’s because we feel we need to highlight problems.

It’s Not About Us Really

So we’re hoping to help you save money online shopping, on the high street, money saving tips and bits and bobs about life. It’s great to get out and about looking around town centre shops or huge indoor shopping centres for bargains so hopefully we can find stuff to share with you. Maybe searching the sales is your thing but not all of the best deals are in the sales.

Having the hustle and bustle of daily life is a tonic to some people but think of how stress free online shopping can be. Fair enough you can meet friends for a coffee or a meal in town but is it worth the stress?

Shopping online can be more rewarding than shopping in town. Having the feeling of finding a great web only offer can give you a great boost. If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort to find the best deal for what you want then it’s worth it, it’s always worth looking at web only offers for huge discounts. An article in the free newspaper Metro suggested that the high street will become a hub for fulfilling orders. This is a common theme as high street shops are closing weekly leaving empty units. Everyone loves a bargain so maybe if the shops made your trip more worthwhile with better offers they could compete with online only traders.

We set up this site because we are frugal and love to find bargains to help with everyday living.

We decided to share what we find so that others can benefit from any discounts, offers, voucher codes and deals that we might find. Follow us on social media, click the icons at the top or bottom of page. Check out the blog for money saving tips and general life stories. Check out the Voucher Codes For Independent Retailers page for some great discounts and offers.

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