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bath Christmas market

Bath Christmas Market

December 2018, Bath Christmas Market was a 300+ miles road trip for us.

Initially when we thought of going there we had visions of a fantastic road trip adventure like in the movies.

However this 300+miles road trip was nothing like it.

We hit traffic jam after traffic jam, lots of accidents too, then you mix in some torrential rain, PERFECT!

We had planned our adventure for weeks, we had bought our supplies for the drive down and were excited.

Sleep deprivation the night before didn’t help but we were just too excited, we love adventures.

Our drive down started ok we were only driving about an hour before we started on our snacks.


Not just ordinary road trip snacks, we had Asda vegan garlic and onion cheese and crackers, very sophisticated.

For a journey that was meant to get us to Bath for midday actually took us until 3pm to get there.

We were shattered but we didn’t let this countries useless road networks and maintenance schedule deter us.

Bath is really a beautiful city, we stayed in the Z Hotel which was £50 per night and right in the centre.

We stayed for 2 nights, the room was small but we knew that anyway when we booked but it was ample.

Big tv and huge bed which was great after a long drive. We also got complimentary coffee and tea.

On an evening the hotel had complimentary cheese and wine between 5pm and 7pm, it was a busy place.

Bath Christmas Market

Even though we were absolutely shattered we managed to have a brief walk around the market.

This was just to figure out where everything was for our Christmas shopping assault the next day.

Plus we wanted to sample some of Baths pubs so we had to keep the market trip as brief as possible.

On the day of our proper Christmas market visit we spent the day sampling the sights of Bath.

We visited the Royal Crescent which even though we didn’t go in the visitors centre we realised it’s beauty.

There was also a brief visit to the Pulteney Bridge, although it wasn’t illuminated when we were there.

However it was still beautiful. By the time we saw the sights we were ready to hit the market.

All of the Christmas lights were lit and the stalls were looking fabulous.

The market is spread out amongst different streets and there is a beautiful backdrop of Bath Abbey.

In our view we’re glad that we went but most of the things for sale are the same as every other market.

It was quite a big market to be honest but the choice of goods was no different to anywhere else.

We can see why it’s so popular but it’s the city that’s the attraction the market is just like every other.

So to sum up our visit, I would definitely recommend going if only to say you’ve been, plus the city is beautiful.

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