Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday has become an important event for both shoppers and retailers alike however is it over hyped? Obviously the idea that you can grab bargains on one particular day of the year is fundamentally flawed. We all should know by now that there are always sales and special offers throughout the year. Black Friday is just another day full of hype and retailers building up euphoria only to disappoint on the day.

There is an article on which warns of being duped by the promise of huge savings. Every retailer is the same when it comes to discounts, we have found that the discounts were better weeks ago. Like us there are many people who wait to buy particular items during the Black Friday event only to be disappointed. You might get the odd item that is drastically reduced to get people through the doors but not many.

Black Friday Tricks

If you look at some of the offers that retailers are promoting, they’re not even legitimate sale items. If you see a price tag which states RRP £20 and is now for sale at £10 it’s not a legitimate sale item. RRP is the recommended retail price that the manufacturer suggests the retailer sell the product for. However the retailer can sell at what they want as long as they’re covering costs and making profit. If the item has previously been for sale at £20 and was now reduced to £10 that is a sale item.

Retailers have many ways of trying to entice us in to spend our money but it’s up to us to be savvy. Look for little tricks that shops use to get you to buy their products, has tips. Most importantly unless you really urgently need an item then maybe wait until the January sales. Those sale prices seem to be more heavily discounted and a better chance of a bargain. Be savvy and don’t be fooled by clever tricks.

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