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Boxing Day sales

Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Day sales is a time for craziness and chaos and generally outrageous bargain hunting!

It’s one of those great Boxing Day traditions.

Grabbing a bargain is sometimes what keeps people awake at Christmas, not the food or drink!

That thought that just won’t go away of the hustle and bustle of Boxing Day sales Is special.

Spending your Christmas money on something that you actually want, the excitement is too much at times.

However is that excitement still there while shopping online? Do you still get that sales high?

This is something I was thinking about while scouring the interweb for bargains, it felt quite mundane.

I often found my mind going blank while staring at the screen, I totally forgot what I was looking for.

There is a lot of positives for shopping online during the sales for example no traffic jams or crowds.

Some people actually like the idea of shoving each other over a partially discounted 3 pack of briefs.

NOT ME! I do like the hustle and bustle and a coffee mid way through my frenetic bargain quest, not violence.

However I do find it funny! So I suppose that’s one thing you don’t get when online shopping, the entertainment.

A lot of the sales start early online so you do get a head start if you shop online.

Or you could wait from 3am for the Next sale in the freezing cold like hundreds of people do every year.

My Personal Choice – Boxing Day Sales


There will come a time when the high street will die off because of the convenience of online shopping.

An article on BBC.co.uk highlights the demise of our high street and I can’t see it getting better soon.

That would be a huge shame as there is a place for both online and high street shopping.

In my personal experience I like the convenience of going online and ordering what I want without hassle.

No travel or parking to worry about, no stress and in the comfort of my own home.

Yet it still lacks the appeal of the high street. Providing there’s shops open Boxing Day.

Walking around browsing the shops you see things you wouldn’t see online. Often different offers too.

Plus theres the buzz of the high street, the coffee shops and cafes for lunch and the general atmosphere.

Physically carrying your newly bought items back home with you is very satisfying too.

You don’t have to wait for your items being delivered, you’ve got them there with you ready to use.

Yes it’s a personal choice but I much prefer the high street for that reason however it’s a really close call.

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