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Change Your life Today

Change Your Life Today

Headlines like Change Your Life Today could seem like a get rich quick scheme to someone that desperately wants to get rich quick.

However what if it was potentially true, however not in financial rewards but health and wellbeing?

Would the appeal be the same? Would a Change Your Life Today headline make you think?

If not does your health and wellbeing not demand the same response as boosting your bank balance?

It’s a tricky one really as we all need money to pay our bills, we all need money for shopping and everyday living.

However those things could be meaningless if your health and wellbeing keeps you from having any standard of living.

Attitudes to health and fitness are somewhat dictated to by circumstances.

Whether it’s work commitments and feeling too tired or having no interest in exercise.

By finding all of the effort a waste of time your attitude determines your views.

Whether you see any worth in making the effort or not all depends on your attitude.

Trying to change your mindset could have a massive positive outcome on your health and wellbeing.

You have to be prepared to really change your mindset and decide if your health is worth the effort.

It’s not all about lifting weights or running for miles, it’s about lifestyle choices, diet, exercise that suits your abilities.

All of those things can make a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and ultimately could give you a new lease of life.

Make the move

 Just because you decide to make the move and change your life today doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy life.

You just create a new way of living for yourself, a way of living that you can do without it feeling like a chore.

For example I decided to change my lifestyle years ago by becoming vegan.

Previously I had been vegetarian for 21 years so the transition wasn’t too much.

It made me think about what I was eating and I was cooking more.

Before I became vegan I was 17 stone and as I’m not tall that was a lot of weight to carry around.

In my first year of becoming vegan I lost 3 1/2 stone, it gave me so much determination to burn the excess fat.

I had so much energy, I joined a gym, I did a lot of walking, I took part in exercise classes which I never did before.

Having lost all of that weight gave me a confidence that I never experienced before.

I felt I could walk miles without feeling tired.

I could do exercise classes and not feel conscious of my fat bits wobbling all over.

My whole attitude to my health and wellbeing had been transformed by that one decision I made to go vegan. 

Not Trying to Convert

This isn’t a post to push you into a vegan lifestyle, this is just something I wanted to share.

My own personal choice that I decided to make to improve my health and wellbeing.

By changing your mindset and your whole attitude towards a healthy lifestyle could be the boost you need.

Investing in your health could potentially give you so much more than you think.

So much more than money can buy, a way of life and change in mental attitudes, feeling energised.

Something that you decided to do, not over burdening yourself with thoughts of untold riches, but rich in health.

Just Do It (if you want), Change Your Life Today

There is only one way that you will find out if any of it suits you and that is to go ahead and make the choice.

Exercise doesn’t have to cost a lot, there are lots of free ways to exercise.

Walking is a great way to get you moving and burning the calories.

There are also lots of Parkrun events being held every Saturday morning at 9am up and down the country.

They are free and all you need to do is sign up on the Parkrun website, pick the Parkrun that will be your local one.

Then print off your barcode, you take your barcode with you whenever you do the run.

They scan it at the end and they text you your finish position and what time you got.

You can also sign up for a no contract gym membership, if it’s not for you then you’re not tied in.

It’s so easy to sit at home and do nothing and feel lousy about yourself but there are options out there.

There is potentially a whole new you just waiting to be discovered, but that won’t mean anything unless you’re determined.

You also need the willingness to change your mindset.

So go for it, make a difference to yourself and how you see life, you might just enjoy it!


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