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Voucher codes and special offers
dining out on a budget

Dining Out On A Budget

Dining out on a budget is easier if you take out insurance through a certain comparison site with Meerkats. Not everyone has the need for certain insurances and that comparison site isn’t always the cheapest. It’s great if you use that comparison site and everything works out because you get discounted movies and meals. However that isn’t the only option.

There is another way to get similar discounts but for the full week! There is a dining membership called Tastecard. This is a monthly or annually subscribed membership and the benefits look great! It is a lot different to the Meerkat scheme, Meerkat have 2 for 1 on movies on a Tuesday OR a Wednesday, Whereas Tastecard offer 40% off movies 7 days a week!

If you use the Meerkat Meals then you know it’s 2 for 1 meals from Sunday to Thursday. Tastecard 2 for 1 or 50% off meals are 7 days a week. If you think about it that can lead to a good saving either over the month or the year. However you don’t just get movies and meals with Tastecard, theres more. You get up to 50% off attractions which would be a massive incentive to get out and about.

We looked into the idea of the tastecard because we have currently got Meerkat Movies and Meals. This is coming to an end in a few days as we aren’t renewing our insurance through the comparison site. So we looked for an alternative and found Tastecard. For us it’s perfect as the benefits are much better. Here’s the difference in benefits.

Meerkat Benefits – Dining Out On A budget

2 for 1 meals from Sunday to Thursday.

2 for 1 cinema tickets on Tuesday OR  Wednesday, NOT BOTH DAYS.

You also have to take out an insurance policy through the comparison site to be eligible for movies and meals.



2 for 1 meals or 50% off food 7 days a week

Up to 40% off cinema tickets 7 days a week

Up to 50% off attractions

You get a physical AND digital membership card

Annually or monthly membership, cancel anytime

*Click the picture for information*

If you lead busy lives then having the option to choose any day you want to use the discounts is great. You’re not restricted to certain days. We found that sometimes we couldn’t get to the cinema on Tuesday or Wednesday so we lost that weeks code. With the Tastecard we can choose any day we like. More flexibility and it suits us and we won’t miss out.

In our opinion it’s worth considering, It’s another good way of saving money on eating out and attractions.

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