do ghosts exists

Do Ghosts Exist?

Do ghosts exist?

There’s ghosts around us if you believe what spirit mediums tell you, not just at night as we seem to believe.

However where is the proof that they actually exist?

Yes there are plenty of videos out there but that doesn’t prove anything.

I must admit I am writing this from a sceptics point of view.

Even though my mother is clairvoyant (apparently) I still don’t just accept what I’m told to be true.

I grew up in a spiritualist household and I can’t explain the things I’ve seen and heard. Sometimes really creepy stuff!

As far as I’m concerned it still doesn’t prove anything.

I have heard my mother give messages to people and wondered how she knew all of those things.

That stuff I can’t explain. I have also watched while she conducted a seance and I’ve got to be honest it freaked me out.

When I got together with my partner we would go away for weekends or over night.

Some really strange things happen that we can’t explain, we caught things on camera and have been touched.

Whether this was ghosts I have no idea. We stayed in a hotel in York for a couple of nights last year and things happened.

Judges Court York – Do Ghosts Exist?


One of the scariest things to happen that we can’t explain happened in the Judges court.

My partner jokingly suggested we find somewhere in York to go dancing, she said this possibly a few days before we went.

On our second night in the hotel (I was ill the first night) we had been out in the pubs and had a bit too much to drink.

We didn’t feel anything scary and we don’t look for stuff like that however it found us. 3:30am something happened.

We were woken up by the radio playing a song full blast. That song sent shivers down our spine!

Bearing in mind that a few days prior my partner mentioned going dancing in York.

That song that woke us up was by The Kinks and it was called “Come Dancing”. Coincidence? Seems strange to me.

Plus it wasn’t just the song that scared us it was the fact that the radio wasn’t plugged in!

This was horrific and we couldn’t believe it!

We were so shocked and frightened that we went up to reception and told the person on the desk.

We sat in reception for 30 minutes until we could get the courage to go back in. When we got in the room it was freezing.

My partner felt ill, she felt paralysed down one side, we ended up staying awake. It was truly horrific and can’t be explained.

To Be Continued…

We asked the person on the desk if anything like that had happened before and they said no.

I’m not saying that this is a ghost but it’s something that we can’t explain and still haunts us to this day.

Things actually still happen to us on a regular basis so we set up a blog to document everything when it does happen.

Happy Halloween People!

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