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Edinburgh Christmas market

Edinburgh Christmas Market

Edinburgh Christmas Market. Yes I said it.

I know it’s still October and we haven’t had Halloween yet but I thought I’d mention Christmas markets.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to picking the best places to go.

Obviously you can try as many as you like, money permitting.

Plus being in and around the hustle and bustle of a Christmas market gets you in the festive spirit.

There is an article on wanderlust.co.uk showing ten of the best Christmas markets in the UK.

Edinburgh Christmas Market

We have tried a few Christmas markets over the years.

But out of the top ten list we noticed one of our favourites wasn’t mentioned, Edinburgh Christmas market.

This is a truly festive occasion, if you haven’t been then we can highly recommend it.

From the moment we stepped off the train we felt the atmosphere.

We heard a gentleman playing Bagpipes on Princes Street while we were walking up from the train.

It’s was absolutely amazing!

We went midweek so the crowds weren’t too bad however it was still an amazing festive atmosphere.

From the sound of the Bagpipes to the sound of screams and laughter from all of the fairground rides.

All of the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations along Princes Street were fantastic.

Edinburghs Christmas market isn’t the biggest market but it’s still big enough with lots of choice.

There was a beautiful smell of different kinds of food as you walked along.

There were plenty of places to sit and people watch, lot’s of choice of places to eat and have a coffee.

Obviously if somewhere has a big wheel then as far as we’re concerned we have to try it!

Yes it was a slightly breezy day and yes one of us did panic slightly but the view from the top was lovely.

If you do get a chance to go to Edinburgh Christmas market have a look in the department store Jenners.

This is now a House of Fraser but the character of the building and inside is lovely.

When you go inside at Christmas they usually have a huge Christmas tree in the middle.

So try going up a few flights and look down from the balcony, it’s beautiful.

If you are thinking of going to a Christmas market then seriously give Edinburgh a try you will love it!


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