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feel good christmas movies

Feel Good Christmas Movies

We all love feel good Christmas movies and as it’s now December we’ve been discussing our favourites. There’s nothing better than getting cosy and grabbing some snack and watching Christmas films. Not everyone is a fan of Christmas films but you can still watch a film which is Christmas related. Die Hard is apparently a Christmas film however I will never accept that as it’s not festive to me. To be honest a lot of people prefer Elf above everything. I must admit that Elf is a tough Christmas movie to beat however I think there’s some really good contenders.

With regards to truly festive feel good films in our opinion they have to have a nice warm fuzzy feel. Something where you can truly feel the spirit of Christmas and maybe shed a tear or two in the process. I know these days there’s not as much desire to sit around the TV as a family anymore. Even Christmas doesn’t make it any easier to convince kids to watch films with parents. However maybe it’s time to try and bring those times back, make it an event, popcorn duvets and light out. Sounds great! Every December we try and watch a Christmas film each day on the lead up to Christmas.

My Top 5 Feel Good Christmas Movies

Here is a top 5 list of my personal favourite Christmas films. These are the ones I watch during Christmas week as I find they have the Christmas feel more than others.

  1. It’s A Wonderful Life, this is my all time favourite film, not just Christmas film but of all time!
  2. White Christmas, I can’t think of a film that represents the feeling of Christmas more than this.
  3. National lampoons Christmas Vacation, another Christmas classic that never fails to tickle!
  4. Love Actually, I’ve put this one in because I’m a romantic and it’s full of Christmas cheer!
  5. Elf, well this has to go in the top 5 just because it’s elf! Plus Will Ferrell so it’s a winner!

There is an article with a top 50 Christmas film list on Esquire.com. You can check their list here. To be honest there are so many good Christmas films out there that it’s hard to pick many favourites. Everyone has different tastes in what they watch and different ideas what makes them feel good and Christmassy. Whichever one is your favourite just sit back and relax and let the festive vibes wash over you!

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