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food shopping on a tight budget

Food Shopping On A Tight Budget

Food shopping on a tight budget is basically the norm for a lot of people. Austerity has affected lot’s of us.

It doesn’t matter how many times we work out our shopping list set our budget nothing goes to plan.

There’s lot of occasions where we have compiled our food shopping list and we ended up buying more.

This has resulted in our weekly shopping trip costing more for things we didn’t really need or could afford.

One of the worst things we do when we go shopping is to go shopping on an empty stomach, madness!

We then proceeded with our weekly shop and stroll past the bakery for donuts , pasties etc.

Then we fancy some chocolate so off to the sweet isle, by this time we’re not thinking about cooking.

All we’re plotting is clogging our arteries with something that in reality is only a quick fix.

It certainly won’t stop the hunger and we always regret our impromptu purchases.

Then the reality of how much money we spent kicks in.

So we try our very best not to shop on an empty stomach.

Best Before Dates- Food Shopping On A Tight Budget

One of the things that we do when we go supermarket shopping is check the yellow stickers, reductions.

We often go shopping at a certain time when we think there will be reduced items put out.

We don’t care about best before dates however it’s wise to avoid items if the use by date Is up.

There is a website that we stumbled across which sells food near the best before date.

It’s called approvedfood.co.uk and we seriously recommend checking it out.

They sell absolutely everything and big names which because of the best before date are much cheaper.

There is absolutely loads of big name brands and they cover almost everything and they deliver!

They even cover things like Christmas, Halloween, Gifts, Birthdays, summer etc…

It looks like a really good website and so good the BBC did a feature on them, check out the video HERE.

Shopping this way is really worth a try as the value for money is outstanding.


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