how to budget when going shopping

How to Budget when going shopping

It can be difficult to know how to budget when going shopping.

Sometimes we have to tighten our belts when we are feeding our family.

Apparently one third of all food produced worldwide either gets lost or wasted in the food production and consumption system.

Whether it be lost or even fall off the trucks, to people wasting food. Here are some tips for saving;

Sometimes We Forget – How To Budget When Going Shopping

1. Make a shopping list of the things you need and tick off as you are going . Don’t buy what’s not on the shopping list .

It’s easy to be distracted by offers that supermarkets put in front of you however it’s aimed at impulse buying.

Be strict with yourself and stick to your list no matter how tempting it might seem.

2. Set a certain amount without taking credit or debit cards. Taking cash instead will help to budget what you are spending .

Even though these days cash is a dying form of payment it’s still a good way to budget your spending.

Challenge yourself, set yourself a budget and challenge yourself to get your shopping well under budget,

3. Check to see if there is any coupons or ads for money saving deals. Sometimes there will be money off offers in store.

Voucher codes seem to be a dying novelty now so look around for smarter shopping offers.

Most retailers now give you a code online from their website, it’s up to you whether you use it but don’t at your peril.

4. Sometimes it’s possible to get all the deals in the same shop.

However if you have a mobile device you can check voucher sites and check what offers are available.

It makes it a much easier shopping trip if you have all of the discounts to hand via your mobile device.

It enables you to go straight to the retailer with your already discovered discount without the hunting around.

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