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Voucher codes and special offers
how to shop well for less

How To Shop Well For Less

How to shop well for less and get real value for money can often be a real time consuming chore.

There are so many different prices in different supermarkets that getting your weekly shop is one go is difficult.

However it’s obviously not good economy to travel to other supermarkets to save 20p here and there.

Doing your weekly shopping online is also an option but you often miss out on any reduced yellow sticker items.

Online grocery shopping also has the downside of not picking the freshest fruit and veg.

Only you know what is acceptable and what you’re prepared to pick yourself.

However if you are wanting to compare supermarket prices you can download the mySupermarket app.

This is a shopping and supermarket comparison app which finds the best deals on the shelves.

It apparently compares prices from 14 supermarkets and it claims to slash 30% off your shopping bill.

In theory this sounds like a good way to do your shopping however you’re still not seeing what you’re buying.

How To shop Well For less – Budget items


You could swap your supermarket own brand items for your supermarkets own budget version.

There is quite a difference in price and there has been a lot of investigation into what difference there is.

Supermarkets budget version of their own brand items was shown to be the same in quality but cheaper.

An article on Mirror.co.uk showed that the quality of investigated items was identical.

There was a difference in packaging and price and in some cases the items were from the same factory.

You can read the article HERE.

One good way to tell is if you check the ingredients and nutritional value and see what is different.

Often there is a code on the item.

If the code on the budget item matches the own brand item then they’re from the same factory.

There is a programme on Channel 4 called Food Unwrapped, this has some good tips to look out for.

So it has been proven that you don’t need to spend over the top for food shopping, try budget brands.

If you do online shopping give mySupermarket a try too you might just save some money.

There’s a lot to think about when doing your shopping.

It’s a minefield out there but don’t give in to supermarket mind games, save money, shop savvy!


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