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Voucher codes and special offers
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Independent Retailers

We have a page dedicated to voucher codes for independent retailers so thought we’d talk about the buzz.

There’s a sense of achievement when you find a special quirky gift that you can’t get in mainstream shops.

It’s like discovering that new song that very few people have heard of.

That warm excited buzz of something new and fresh. You keep looking at the items you bought and grin!

That my friends is the beauty of independent shops.

I personally don’t get that feeling of discovery from mainstream retailers unless it’s something unique to them.

Often the independent retailers have that feeling of community, a feeling that everyone belongs.

We’re not exposed to mass advertising of well known household brands.

We browse the independent shops in anticipation of discovery. It’s not just a case of walking in and straight out.

it’s a time to chill, a time to relax and unwind in the serenity of beautiful discoveries.

In hope that you’ll take back home that perfect gift or perfect household item that is special to you.

Something that suits your personality, something that suits your vision and ideas.

It could be a piece of art, a piece of furniture or a vinyl from the record shop, it doesn’t matter, it’s discovery.

A combination of independent shops and independent coffee shops the perfect match.

Browsing, looking for that beautifully chilled laid back shopping experience finished with a coffee and people watching.

There are also lots of benefits of using independent shops and HERE is an article on fifteen reasons why.

Summary- Independent Retailers 

I don’t think the whole buzz about independent shops is because it keeps jobs local, there’s a lot more to it.

It’s not just about having this vision in your head of Hugh Grants quirky little book shop in Notting Hill.

It’s actually about finding your REAL quirky book shop or art shop and making that your shopping experience.

We still need and like mainstream retailers but having that little quirky shopping dream makes the art of discovery more appealing.

Live the dream and enjoy what independent shops have to offer.

Don’t forget to check out our page Voucher Codes For Independent Retailers, grab a bargain and support independent shops.