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is a staycation cheaper than going abroad

Is A Staycation Cheaper Than Going Abroad?

Is a staycation cheaper than going abroad? Well in reality that could have a lot of determining factors.

There are plenty of countries abroad that are relatively inexpensive for a weeks holiday however which ones?

A lot of years ago we were really craving a change of scenery, we wanted to venture abroad for a change.

Most of the places that we priced were astronomical in price compared to our usual camping trips here.

however it’s much easier with todays budget airlines giving more choice of destinations.

This doesn’t mean it’s always going to be cheaper but how would it compare to staying in this country?

We bought a camper van earlier this year and we have been all over the country

We love Cornwall and the south west coast, we do like going abroad however the prices can be too much.

This camper is ideal for weekends away and random picnic adventures which is what we love.

There are many campsites to choose from and as we love the outdoors we’re never stuck for things to do.

We are members of the Caravan and Motorhome club and they have some great sites all over the UK.

If you prefer a tent then the price will be even cheaper!

Is A Staycation Cheaper Than Going Abroad? – Maybe

Just out of curiosity we decided to price Godrevy Park Caravan Club Site for the peak holiday period next year.

It Looks like a fantastic site with loads on it and in a beautiful area of Cornwall.

We chose the dates of July 27 to 3 August 2020 for 7 nights, 2 adults and 2 kids, price= £271.60.

is a staycation cheaper than going abroad

This price doesn’t seem too bad considering that it’s the peak time.

However bare in mind that you will need a caravan or camper van which is going to cost fuel.

This is obviously going to vary on where in the UK you are travelling from.

If you do your own comparisons compared to travelling abroad at the same period the difference will be huge.

We can’t check the budget airlines for comparison yet as flights haven’t been released yet.

Depending on what you and your family like to do on a holiday can also have an impact on your funds.

We are generally out and about all day, we try and take picnics, we go on bike rides and find hidden coves.

Bodyboarding is another love of ours and you can generally hire the boards instead of buying them.

So as far as we’re concerned the price of a staycation for us seems pretty good for peak time.

Is a staycation cheaper than going abroad? In our experience quite possibly but also depends on the time of year.

We priced an all inclusive holiday to Tenerife for the same time and it was absolutely fortunes!

It’s certainly not worth getting into debt for a holiday. It is worth checking the budget airlines though.

After all a holiday is what you make it no matter where you go so is it really worth the worry of debt?

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