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is christmas worth the debt

Is Christmas Worth The Debt?

Is Christmas worth the debt? In our opinion definitely not but everyone is different and we all see debt differently. Yes it does sound like a really scrooge thing to say but if you think about it is it really worth paying for later? We found out the hard way, we literally had nothing and with Christmas came expectations. For some reason all of the bills were due around this time of year which made money really tight.

We knew that this time of year the heating was on all of the time resulting in a big bill in February. However we still had the pressures of buying expensive presents for the kids. I know that we shouldn’t give in to pressure but you want them to have what they want. As we had very little money we resorted to using the credit card to see us over the Christmas.

There was this mindset that we would spend on the card then transfer to a 0% interest deal after Christmas. Unlucky for us at that time there were no deals on! We had massively over spent and were left with huge minimum payments. To say we struggled is an understatement, our wages were barely enough to cover food and bills. We kept meeting our minimum payment until a deal did actually present itself, we were extremely lucky!

Is Christmas Worth The Debt? – Watch Your Health

Unfortunately the worry over the bills affected our health and our kids noticed the change in atmosphere. It was something that we couldn’t prevent, we tried our best to believe it would work out. Yes we managed to get our debt controlled but to think all of that worry for one day! Obviously it’s great for the kids but it definitely wasn’t worth the stress and ill health. Our willingness to please affected us all and we regretted it.

So from then on we vowed never to use the credit cards for Christmas. We still managed to give our kids a good Christmas and they eventually understood our circumstances. It did cost us big time when it came to birthdays though, there’s always a compromise. We don’t believe Christmas is worth the debt however we had no money so felt we had no choice. Catalogues and credit cards have to be paid back and our health and family life is more important.

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You are struggling with debt you can get advice from Citizens Advice.