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krampus at halloween

Krampus At Halloween

Krampus at halloween seems odd and Santa Claus or Krampus?

I certainly know which one I’d prefer! But surely Krampus is more suited to halloween?

If you follow mythology Krampus exists, not sure if I’d like to truly believe that to be honest.

Can you imagine the nightmares! That would truly be a nightmare before Christmas.

According to National Geographic Krampus has horns, dark hair, fangs and long tongue.

Sounds like a KISS band member to me but scary nonetheless.

Legend has it that if a child is good St. Nicholas will visit them but if they’re bad then Krampus will turn up.

This sort of thing belongs as a halloween story and not a Christmas tale.

However it’s the time old tradition of good over evil. If you can class Krampus as evil? Not sure, is he really?

He allegedly turns up to punish a naughty child.

I suppose it could seem to be a bit of an extreme punishment.

Maybe Krampus wouldn’t be scary if he just turned up and spoke to the naughty child.

So maybe that’s why mythology says he beats the crap out the kid! As if horns and fangs aren’t enough!

Krampus At Halloween

He apparently shows up on the night of December 5th (strange date).

On December 6th children are meant to look outside of their door to see if there’s a present or a rod.

If they’ve been good the present is for that and if they’ve been naughty well yep you’ve guessed it.

This type of mythology although associated with Christmas would surely be well suited to halloween.

Having that type of creature turn up at your house because your kid has been naughty, that’s creepy!

Not only for the child but can you imagine you going to bed knowing your child was naughty.

Having that thought of the half demon half goat like creature trundling up your stairs through the night!?

Imagine you’re bursting for the toilet and get up to go and come face to face with it!

I wouldn’t need the toilet anymore that’s for certain!

We just got a visit from the local bobby if ours was naughty.

However my whole point was that as it’s coming up to halloween I thought Krampus would be more suited.

I know it’ll always be a Christmas story but I seriously think it could scare the life out of you any time of year!


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