Make money selling on eBay

Make Money Selling on eBay

We all like to make extra money , and with Christmas just round the corner now is the time to start.

Clear out any unwanted items in your loft, sort out all of those unwanted birthday and Christmas presents that have been lying around for ages.

Or you could buy items from charity shops, car boot sales and jumble sales to make extra money.

It might sound like a lot of hassle to take photos and write out listings but the process isn’t really that difficult.

if you are a hoarder the potential income that you could generate for very little effort could surprise you.

As a couple who like to find ways of saving and making money we tried selling on eBay to find out for ourselves if it’s really possible to make a few extra quid.

We chose some items that we had lying around and we also bought some cheap items from charity shops.

It was actually the charity shop items that performed the best, we mostly only paid £1.00 for certain things and they sold with good profit.

So if selling on eBay sounds like something you could fancy trying, download the eBay app and start listing your items.

The Process

Once you have downloaded the eBay app you can decide whether to sell your unwanted items or buy cheap items from charity shops

Either way eBay makes the process of deciding what to sell pretty straightforward.

You can type in the top search bar of eBay the item you are wanting to sell or if the item that you are selling has a barcode then eBay will scan it.

It will let you know how much the item has previously sold for, if there are any similar items for sale and how much for.

Here are a few screenshots of how to find the scanner on the eBay app; Sorry for the picture quality, it’s off my old phone.

eBay Scanner location

eBay scanner location

eBay scanner









Once you have scanned your item you can go to filter at the top right then scroll down and select sold items.

This will bring up the results showing if any of the item you are selling have sold and when they sold, it will also tell you how much they sold for.

With these results you can decide whether or not it’s worth selling the item you have or not as you have to take into account postage costs and eBay and Paypal fees.
Once you have sold your item you can weigh it and measure the item at home and purchase your postage online.

Or the other option is to package the item and take it to get weighed at the post office, I think it cost slightly more but it’s easier.


Selling on eBay isn’t for everyone, there is always the thought of having negative feedback or an item not turning up, however as long as you have proof of postage then I’m sure it can be sorted out.

There are many people out there who have decided to make selling on eBay a full time job, they are called resellers.

If you believe what they all say about making a living on eBay then you could give it a go and find out for yourself.

There are a lot of resources online that will give you information regarding selling on eBay, including regular videos and tutorials.

These videos show you what they have bought from charity shops or car boot sales an how much they expect to sell them for.

They also have updates telling you what items actually did sell and how much for, maybe until you try it for yourself, take any sales figures with a pinch of salt.

In summary, we tried to make a few extra quid selling on eBay to see for ourselves if it could work, we made a good profit from a few items.

We also had items that didn’t sell but our overall experiment gave us a profit after fees and postage, so until you try you will never know.

If you decide to give it a try, you could open an eBay shop for a monthly fee, you can list a certain amount of items in your shop without a listing fee.

Look into everything first before you decide to do it, don’t list everything you find as you will have fees to pay.


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