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meal planning

Meal Planning

Meal planning is always a good idea even if you don’t live a hectic lifestyle.

Having your meals already planned out for the entire week sounds great however would you stick to them?

Often, especially after a hard day all you want to do is chill out with a take away or something convenient.

A lot of us prepare a big batch of food and freeze it until we need it which is a good idea.

However cooking something from scratch always seems to taste better .

We have recently downloaded an app called Mealime, it’s a meal planner app.

We haven’t fully tested it as yet but to be honest so far so good, the features look great!

It goes to such lengths as giving you dietary options and intolerances and once you’ve picked those it gives you a whole host of meal choices suited to your needs.

It asks how many you want to cater for, then it shows you the meal options.

When you pick a meal choice, it shows you the cooking utensils that you’ll need.

Along with the ingredients and the instructions on how to cook it.

The developers of this app have really pushed the boat out with incredible details to everyone’s needs.

The beauty of this app is that everything is there for you and it even reminds you to set a weekly meal plan.

meal planning

Another good thing about this app is that it’s free but also comes with the option to upgrade to a paid version.

Summary – Meal Planning

I think the thought of eating healthy and having yours meals planned for the week is a huge benefit.

Plus the thought that these meals look nice on the picture but it’s up to you to make it taste nice.

This is a good way to challenge yourself and when you’ve cooked it you can look at it with pride and say “I made that from scratch”.

Having that little ego boost has got to be worth it.

If you try the app I hope it works for you! Happy cooking!

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