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mental health awareness day

Mental Health Awareness Day

Mental Health Awareness day is something that everyone needs to acknowledge.

How important it is to let people know that they are not alone, there are many more people suffering in silence.

We need to encourage sufferers of mental illness to speak up, to let them know that it’s ok to talk.

To let them know that it’s ok to not be ok, there is nothing weird about telling someone how you are feeling.

Keeping things bottled up just makes things seem worse. It’s a daunting task facing each day when you can’t get out of bed.

Watching other people go about their day laughing and looking happy, you don’t want to be around them in case you bring them down.

However those same people could be going through the same thing, putting on a front is an easy thing when you have to.

That’s why it’s so important to encourage each other to speak about how we feel, it’s hard to make the first move.

Deep inside you’re feeling lonely, isolated with nobody to talk to, you’re scared to mention about how you feel.

You don’t want people to judge you, you don’t want people to say “get a grip”, “pull yourself together”, “you’ll be fine”.

You don’t feel like you can talk to people yet inside you really need to tell someone how you’re feeling.

But it’s the worry of how that person might react, this actually makes you feel worse, frustrated that you can’t talk.

If only they knew what was going around in your mind, all of the desperation, the need for peace from your thoughts.

Mental Health Awareness day – Let’s Talk

All of these thoughts need to come out, things have to change.

Not only is there not enough help and support, there’s no real understanding of how everything affects you.

Having money to pay your bills and survive, how long can you put a front on at work? Can you work?

Does your employer understand? Have they made reasonable adjustments for you? What if you go sick?

You can only stay off work for so long, then what? All of these things play a massive part in our mental health.

People have to be able to speak and say what’s on their mind without judgement or ridicule.

Only then will attitudes change.

When people listen to what goes on in your mind, what thoughts you fight each day.

Having constant suicidal thoughts, self harm, no self confidence, panic attacks, feeling worthless.

Plus convincing yourself that people would be better off if you weren’t here.

These thoughts and feelings have to have to be spoken about, there is no shame in feeling how you do.

It’s an illness, you’re every bit as important as everyone else, you just need someone to listen.

Only then can you start searching for the help required to put your mind back on the right path.

Come on people let’s talk about it, let’s help one another.

Let’s be open minded and be the support for each other.

We need to keep fighting, we need each other.

For help and advice there’s Mind the mental health charity.


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