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Monday. Yes that’s all that’s needed to be said!

To give you that feeling of dread and to sap the life right out of you! All of the negative thoughts creep in.

Why am I doing this? I hate my life? Can I take a short day? Do I really need the money?

Unless you really love your job I’m sure all of those things have gone around in your head at some point.

Here are a few things that might just help you to prepare and get through your Monday blues;

Mental Preparation-Monday

Every Sunday for years there was always that feeling of despair, sadness and misery.

I was in a job that I hated, I couldn’t see any way out of it and on a Sunday my feelings became so intense.

It literally affected everything I did, it played on my mind the whole time at the thought of my job and Monday.

People used to say “think yourself lucky you have a job”, however they didn’t understand how bad it was.

It can affect your mental and physical health when you feel that way for so long. So I changed my thoughts.

Mental preparation was key. It never made it any better but it did help me get through the Monday blues.

Once Sunday night came around I would sit and write down a few things to prepare me.

I would set out what I want to achieve. I Would make this my primary focus to drive me on and push myself.

Whether it was improving my work rate or trying to exceed my weekly targets, this would keep me driven.

One of the good things about this was that when midweek came around I could check my progress.

This would tell me either how much more effort I need or how close I am to achieving my goal.

Having this particular goal based incentive really pushed me through the week.

Sunday Night Relaxation

On a Sunday night I always found it difficult to sleep or even relax.

No matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t sleep because of my job.

I tried all sorts of different methods to help me relax including the usual herbal teas and exercise.

A couple of things that I found that did actually relax me were listening to music and reading a book.

I lost myself in my book. It took my mind off everything, made me escape from reality for a while.

I’m certainly not an avid reader and I would generally find reading books boring, however I prepared myself.

Sunday nights had now become a reading night, a way of relaxing as this was the only way I could sleep.

There was a winning combination of reading and music, not just any music, I listened to something relaxing.

It was music that I could truly shut out the world  and forget everything, I don’t think it’s particularly popular.

However it certainly worked for me. I know some people that have used it for meditation and they love it.

The music is a soundtrack to a film called Somewhere In Time by John Barry, I can seriously recommend it.

This music is really something else, go to bed, close your eyes, clear your mind and drift off, it works!

Midweek Chillout

My Final thing I used to do to get through my Monday blues was to plan a Wednesday chill out.

It could be anything from the cinema, bowling, a session at the gym or out for a meal, I had to do it.

I knew on Monday that I had something to look forward to midweek, I would take this opportunity to chill.

Not every Wednesday would be the same, I would choose something different each week to keep it special.

No matter how tired and fed up I was by Wednesday I would always have my evening chill out doing something.

I found that it broke the week up and recharged me to get through the rest of the week.

These are just a few things that I did to help me overcome my Monday blues, if they help then great!

If not then I found an article on Forbes with 11 ways to beat the Monday Blues. Might be worth a look.

However you are feeling whatever you choose to do to get through it, do the best that you can.

Look at this week ahead as a blank canvas and an opportunity to paint the picture you want to see.

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You might just find a relaxing playlist to help you.


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Try and find Positives. Book something, it doesn’t have to be expensive, a relaxing day out sounds great!