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natural cold and flu remedies

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

Natural cold and flu remedies could potentially consist of a huge variety of different natural herbs.

However there are recipes out there that require less ingredients than you think.

It’s always easier to pop to the chemist for some cold and flu medication but it’s costly and doesn’t always work.

There is no guarantee that any natural homemade remedy will do you any good but surely it’s worth a try.

One of the main stumbling blocks would be acquiring the necessary herbs and natural ingredients.

Plus getting those ingredients at a reasonable price. I say reasonable because I can’t see them being cheap.

Regardless of the cost it’s the knowledge that what you are putting into your remedy is natural and good.

This surely can only be a good thing, not full of unnecessary sugars and additives.

After all, our ancestors did it and it gave them strength to run from dinosaurs! (kidding)

Yes they may have had shorter life spans and didn’t have access to chemists but they did it!

You could even find some really good healthy herbs and grow your own to minimise cost.

This would give you your own natural herb dispensary if there is such a thing, sounds great!

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies

Anyway this was just a random post compiled because one of us has cold and we thought about herbs.

We found some recipes whilst scouring for various beneficial herb types and we came across some recipes.

To be honest not all natural recipes are sugar free, I suppose the remedy would taste vile without it.

Our main point was that you could at least give natural home remedies a try.

This website called learningherbs.com has some really interesting recipes for us all to try.

such as Elderberry Gummies, Herbal Cough Drops and Herbal cough Syrup.

All of these things look dubious apart from the Elderberry Gummies! Happy sniffling!


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