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no spend days

No Spend Days

No spend days are easier said than done however with a little self discipline it can be done. Obviously there is always the scenario where you run out of something that you really need that’s  life. If you think about it logically, if you get your weekly shop and meal plan, it can be done. We try to do this at least twice a week, sometimes we push for as many days as possible. Unfortunately we start off with good intentions some days and end up spending on something non essential, discipline!

On our non spend days we know in advance that we’re going to attempt it so we’re prepared. We think about what we have to do through the day and if we can we’ll leave car at home. At least that’s one good way of saving a few quid. Walking wherever we need to go that day helps us massively.  When it comes to eating if we’re walking around we already have our sandwiches with us, saves more money. Sometimes it’s too easy to be out and about and nip into the shop for a sandwich or somewhere for a coffee.

It probably sounds really boring but the savings for us are huge. We’re not wasting our money on buying sandwiches, we’ve prepared them already for the day. We do this 2 to 3 times a week and even in the rain we still mange to walk. Distance covered can be up to around 12 miles in a day but there’s no fuel or parking charges. Yes at the end of the day you really feel that you’ve walked but it feels great. Knowing that you’ve saved money, helped the environment and worked on your health and fitness is rewarding.

No Spend  Days – Conclusion

There’s an article on bbc.co.uk about a non spending challenge. It’s something that a lot of people strive to do and can save money and live differently in the process. It doesn’t have to mean that your life will be mundane after all life’s what you make it apparently. Some people are doing the non spending challenge for a month however we just can’t do that. Our lifestyle just won’t allow us a month of not spending, we have things we need to buy regular unfortunately. In our opinion if you can do it it’s definitely worth doing for as long as you can. You will see a huge difference in your savings.

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