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Oranges in Christmas stockings

Oranges In Christmas Stockings?

Oranges in Christmas stockings were the norm for me growing up, it was expected every year.

Money was always extremely tight for my parents when I was young but I always got what I wanted.

One of the things that I remember was putting the stocking out on Christmas Eve.

It wasn’t a stocking as such but one of my dads big socks! It’s surprising what can fit in those!

From what I can remember I used to open my big presents first and leave my stocking until last.

I think the excitement was too much to take, seeing all of the big presents sitting there.

My curiosity was too intense to let the main presents lie there unopened while I check the stocking.

However with regards to the Christmas stocking I was always curious why I got what I did.

An Orange? What on earth is Christmassy about that? As a kid I didn’t see the relevance.

There’s an article on Metro.co.uk about why we put Oranges in Christmas stockings.

I just did not understand and often just thought it was Santa Clause telling me to eat more fruit.

I can also remember having a magazine stuffed in my Christmas stocking sock.

It was usually a magazine that I’d already read, however I’m sure Santa wanted me to read it again.

I think in my opinion the excitement of what was in the stocking was just as much as wrapped presents.

Summary – Oranges In Christmas Stockings?


Was having a stocking really relevant to Christmas or was it invented by retailers?

A stocking must’ve had some sort of symbolism towards Christmas otherwise what’s the point.

If having an Orange stuffed in your stocking is for healthy eating why shove chocolates in too?

Maybe I’m just over thinking the whole Christmas stocking thing but the Orange made me think.

Never mind, the truth is out there!

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