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Price Trackers

Price trackers are very much in a similar mould to price comparison sites or apps. However price trackers will give you information about previous prices and how they’ve changed over time.

Price trackers will also find you the cheapest price for your item and where to find it. Yes it does sound like a comparison site however there are fundamental differences.

Being able to see when your item has changed in price over time whether it’s up or down is great. You will be able to tell if the price fluctuation was seasonal or not.

It gives you a chance to make an informed choice whether to buy your product at a certain time. This could potentially save you money in the long run especially if you’re buying early for Christmas.

One of the price tracking sites is called camelcamelcamel, it’s an Amazon price tracker. It’s free to use and it monitors millions of products and alerts you when the price drops.

You can type in the product that you want and it will bring up the price history and a chart. This will give you an idea of what time of year the prices fluctuated. If you have signed up you will receive an alert via email or twitter when the price drops.

Price Trackers – Conclusion

There are plenty of price comparison sites our there and all seem to link to the same retailers. Their price comparison results won’t be far different from each other and results can vary depending on their commissions.

As a shopping tool a price tracker is a great utility to have at your disposal. Unfortunately with camelcamelcamel, they are only an Amazon tracker so you’re pretty limited. However it is an effective site to use as you can get almost anything from Amazon.

It’s especially useful at this time of year with Christmas shopping. Maybe give it a try, it might save you a few quid!

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