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Save money by walking

Save Money By Walking

Save money by walking wherever you need to go for a day.

I realised that swapping my car for my trainers and walking where I needed to go saved money.

Not only did it save me money it also helped my stress levels and the exercise made me feel good.

I had a lot of errands to do one day so I knew that I had to set off early to get them done.

Even though it was raining when I left the house I was wrapped up, the walking kept me warm.

I had to be at the bank first thing in the morning which was in town, I knew this was a long walk.

It was a six mile walk into town from home, I had mentally prepared myself the night before.

This might sound dramatic but a six mile walk in the rain at 7am took some mental preparation!

As I was walking to town I noticed how bad the traffic was, it was gridlock, nothing moving.

If I had of taken my car I would’ve been sat in that traffic for a long time costing more fuel.

In fairness I could’ve got the bus however it wouldn’t have got me there when I needed to.


Save Money By Walking – I Made It

Eventually after 1 hour and 30 minutes I arrived in town, I was hot but felt great!

Seeing all of that traffic at a standstill in rush hour made me feel better about walking.

I also noticed all of the cars scrambling for parking spaces in the town centre, lots of stress.

I took some deep breaths as I walked to my destination, feeling proud of myself for what I’d done.

Not only had I saved money on fuel but also expensive parking charges.

My journey didn’t end at the bank, I moved on from there to another appointment, another 3 miles.

Followed by my journey home from there which was approx 3 miles.

I worked out that I saved approx £17 in fuel and parking charges for the places I went to.

It was 12 miles of walking which was great exercise, I had zero stress and lots of fresh air.

I got blisters but it was worth the effort. Leaving your car for a day has great benefits, try it!

There is a good article on about the benefits of walking, really impressive!

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