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Start A Business

To start a business of your own obviously requires a good idea, capital and a willingness to work hard.

Working for yourself isn’t for everyone and often finding the right idea is a stumbling block.

Maybe you have a certain skill that you can turn into a business of your own, make your own money.

There’s also that psychological factor of thinking that you’re not good enough or capable of working for yourself.

Yes you will have to work really hard and put the effort in but surely it’s worth it.

Knowing that you’re not making money for someone else should be a good incentive to succeed and drive you on.

What are the things that are holding you back? Writing a business plan was one of my main stumbling blocks.

Every time I thought of a business plan I would tell myself it’s not worth the hassle it’s too much effort.

However it is really essential as its your own plan, your pathway to success if you like.

This is what you’re going to do and how you are going to do it to achieve your goals.

Banks especially need you to have a business plan if you rely on funding.

There is also advice on this government website about starting your own business, it’s very informative.

I’ve also found that one of those Starting and Running a Business for Dummies books helps.

Yes it might sound strange but they really are full of good knowledge, Definitely worth a try.

You can get them for Bookkeeping and Accounting and Marketing too. They’re genuinely good!

Brainstorm – Start A business


It’s good to try and brainstorm your business ideas with others so that you can get some good feedback.

If you are doing it on your own especially as any honest feedback you can get will only help your ideas.

There is help out there with regards to actually getting started with your business and setting it up.

However if you’re still at the idea stage then there is a website that might just give you some inspiration.

Startups.co.uk have a lot of information on their site, they even have business ideas that might motivate you.

They also have a how to section which they guide you on how to start one of their business ideas.

Granted the whole setting up a business idea is extremely daunting but the rewards could be massive.

Not just health or wealth but a whole new lifestyle change, something to spur you on in the morning.

Setting your own daily targets and aiming to reach your own goals without a boss grinding you down.

You would be your own boss and you know in yourself how much work you would need to do.

It gives you a challenge in life, something to look back on, a life lesson to build character.

Look At The Bigger picture

Don’t forget the reason you want to start a business in the first place.

Try not to lose sight of reality and what impact it could have good and bad on you and your family.

When you brainstorm with your family or friends discuss what impact it could have and how you cope.

Having an impact doesn’t always mean negative, there are so many positives like getting family involved.

Doing your business together as a family and watching it grow with all of your hard work. Positive stuff!

You can learn as you go, try and network with likeminded people, make contacts, it’ll all help.

It can be a lonely time starting your own business so getting out and about and networking has benefits.

Regardless, starting a business will always have challenges but will always have rewards.

Take a look at the links I provided above and see what other help and ideas you can get.

It might just give you the inspiration that you are looking for.

You just have to make a decision and go for it!

You can have as many ideas as you want but unless you try you will never know!

Good luck!

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