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Supermarket Comparison Apps

Supermarket comparison apps are few and far between and are they really any good?

Do they really give you an accurate account of real time supermarket price changes?

In theory they sound like a great way to save a few quid on your shopping but does it make sense?

Surely you couldn’t buy your weekly shop that way as prices could be different in each shop.

This would mean you would possibly spend more on travel getting to each shop unless they’re next to each other.

Supermarket comparison apps are probably a good idea if you find the majority of items are in one shop.

however through my own personal experience it never works out that way unless you’re chosen supermarket does a price match.

So in reality you have to compromise on a few items being more expensive in relation to travel costs.

You surely wouldn’t travel for a few miles to a different shop for the sake of £1, there’s no gain.

There’s no point in comparing prices while you’re in the shop because it’s already cost you to get there.

Whether it’s car or bus there’s a cost involved however bike is obviously different but limited carrying  ability.

Cycling to the shops is a great environmentally friendly option but for a weekly family shop unrealistic.

Go Compare – Supermarket Comparison Apps


One of the price comparison apps is called COMPARASAURUS.

You type in the name of the product you want and it will show you how much it costs in each supermarket.

Apparently the app gets all of the prices in real time from the big supermarkets, real time shelf prices.

It sounds great if it actually works but you still have to take into account your travel costs.

There is also another downside, it’s only available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Nothing for Android.

However there is the other similar alternative of mysupermarket. This does a similar thing but more established.

Either way there’s two good options for comparing prices for your weekly shopping. Happy trails!

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