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Surviving Christmas

Surviving Christmas

Maybe surviving Christmas isn’t exactly the frame of mind you want as the festive season approaches.

For many that’s exactly what it is, surviving. This isn’t a post to put the dampeners on Christmas.

I just wanted to highlight the importance of making sure people around you are ok.

There’s many reasons why people struggle at Christmas and it’s not always for financial reasons.

people tend to try and put on a brave and happy face this time of year so that they spoil the fun.

However inside they could be suffering, maybe it’s memories of past times or money worries.

Maybe it’s loneliness, they could set a lively life and soul of the party but have they actually got anyone.

There’s an assumption that everyone is happy, that everyone is doing something for Christmas but are they really?

We don’t see the private tears, we don’t feel the emptiness and loneliness that could be consuming someone.

That feeling of isolation can be detrimental to someone’s health, nobody to turn to or talk to.

while everyone else seems to be out having fun and visiting friends and relatives, some people have nobody.

Not everyone can speak up about how they feel, they keep their feelings bottled up and deal with in private.

Mental Health – Surviving Christmas


Unfortunately that can lead to worse mental health issues and suicidal thoughts.

I’m not trying to spoil the build up to the festive season but I feel I have to highlight the issues.

If we can all keep an eye on the people around us and look for warning signs.

It won’t always be obvious so maybe asking people who you think may be vulnerable if they have plans.

It could be someone that you’d least expect and that person might not show signs of struggle.

Trust your instincts and if you have doubts about someone please check on them.

Let them know they’re not alone and that you are there if they need you.

You might be the only one that is. Now is the time to find out.

Don’t let it get to a point of no return. Start building the support and make surviving Christmas a must.

Samaritans are a good point of call if needed. Click HERE.

There is also Mind the mental health charity. Click HERE.

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