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the price of advent

The Price Of Advent

The price of advent calendars varies dramatically from your regular supermarket brands to high end luxury.

While looking around for an advent calendar for myself and partner I realised there are some astronomical prices.

However, how much is too much? I’ve always bought the cheaper branded supermarket varieties.

I usually buy them when they are on special offer.

I refuse to pay over the top for something when there’s not much in them. It’s all packaging.

Having said that I have recently  been tempted to buy a fancy advent calendar for a change.

This would be just a one off as I’ve never bought an expensive one before. I know it’s purely novelty value.

However I wondered if I would feel any differently opening a high end calendar as opposed to cheaper one.

Yes you could argue that the quality of the item inside is a lot greater and more desirable.

Would I really feel any different?


The Price Of Advent – High End

There’s some really interesting ones out there that might just challenge my perception.

There’s an article in The Telegraph about an £104,000 diamond advent calendar, I’ll think about it!

Maybe this expensive Sparkling Fizz advent calendar, yes it’s really really pricey but great idea!

Or this Disney ladies ankle sock advent calendar, yes quirky but how different is that!?

I know in reality I won’t go overboard with my spending on advent calendars but I will try something new.

I think every now and again it’s good to be adventurous and divert from your old ways for a while.

Obviously the cost has a lot to do with your decision but if you have some spare cash is it worth it?

I know there’s the old argument of “well it’s only once a year”, however that doesn’t mean you should do it.

In my personal view I think that I will give it a try purely because I want to see how it feels to change habits.

Maybe I’ll regret it but unless I give it a try I’ll never know!

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