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valentines day on a budget

Valentines Day On A Budget

Romance doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and surely you can do Valentines day on a budget. After all it’s the thought that counts right? Don’t get me wrong I know there are some people that really do appreciate having having money spent on them. However having very little in the way of spare cash can make you think outside the box. Surely that is more important than spending lots of money on a gesture.

Putting a little thought into your romance would (hopefully) be more appreciated. I know that making your own handmade card wouldn’t always go down too well (been there) so that’s a no. However the main message that you’re trying to convey is how someone makes you feel. That message of love could be transmitted through well though out date nights or activities that don’t cost much.

This is where the effort and appreciation comes in. There was an article in theguardian.com which gives some great tips on valentines day on a budget. Ultimately having a unique idea of your own would be more of a personal touch, more meaningful. It’s always easier to just spend a few quid on something as a token gesture but is that love?

Valentines Day On A Budget – Final thoughts.

Thoughtfulness might not be in everyones way of thinking but the beauty of it can say so much to someone. Going for a hike with a romantic picnic, a handmade gift (definitely not card), theres lots to do. It really requires thought and how much the person means to you. Do you really need to break the bank? Would they appreciate money spent on them more than thought?

Give it a try, think of something special without the cost. love is love at the end of the day, two people thinking of each other.

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