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York Christmas market

York Christmas Market

York Christmas market was just being set up the last time we visited York so we thought we’d go back.

If you have never been to York we can highly recommend it.

It’s such a beautiful city and a relaxing environment we try to go to York as often as we can.

We find the whole place has such a home like feel to it and amazing buildings and beautiful Minster.

Having got off the train it took us approximately 10 minutes to walk into the centre.

It was busy with graduates as there was a ceremony taking place at York Minster. Lots of smiling faces.

There was a real feel of excitement around the city centre with all the Christmas shoppers attending the market.

We have been to Bath and Edinburgh Christmas markets and in comparison they are bigger with lots of stalls.

York Christmas market was relatively small but the choice was great! we expected it to be like the others.

We have found that most markets sell the same things, not much variety, however York had more choice.

You had you usual food stalls and Gin stalls but then there were some quirky gifts for sale, something different.

There were some really innovative gift ideas that would make ideal Christmas presents, things we didn’t see elsewhere.

York Christmas Market – Conclusion

We found that the beauty of the York Christmas market is that there is so much more there.

Not necessarily the market but in the city. Near the market is the Shambles, a beautiful quaint cobbled street.

We also looked around The Shambles Market which was it’s usual self PLUS a Yuletide shopping tent!

Plus you have lots of shops and restaurants, bars, coffee shops that are in close proximity. It’s ideal!

York has it’s Christmas lights up and with the backdrop of the York Minster it really is a beautiful place.

As we were walking around we wandered in to a Hummus and Pita Bar called Humpit (great name).

If you ever find yourself on Church Street in York try the filled Pita, they are amazing! Unfortunately we’re addicted!

In Conclusion if you’re thinking of attending York Christmas market you really won’t be disappointed.

Try and go to York early and make a day of it, look around the Shambles and try the coffee shops.

York has everything and more, you’ll love it!

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